5 Simple Things Things We Forget as We Grow Older

5 Simple Things We Forget as We Grow Older…

  1. Hug and show affection to the people that matter most.
    You’re never too old to remind your loved ones that you love them. You’re never to old to show you care. A hug can go a long way. Ask your grandparents how their week has been, ask your mother for a baking recipe, tell your old pops you love him.
  2. Eat together.
    Although this may not be possible to do once a day, try at least once a week. Set aside your electronics and turn the TV off. Sit around a table and indulge in some real-talk conversations. You’ll learn a lot.SAMEN ETEN
  3. Check in with your parents, your grandparents.
    Just because we grow older and have our own families to look after, doesn’t mean we should forget about where we came from. If your parents understand how to text, a simple “how’s it going?” can really shape their day up.women kids people monochrome old people 1680x1050 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_100
  4. Continue to “date” our spouses. 
    Yes, yes, & yes. Married or not, don’t let yourself settle and get comfortable in a relationship. Dating is fun, learning about one another is fun, and acting on the spur of the moment can lead to the best adventures and memories you’ll ever share together.bampw-couple-cute-fingers-hands-holding-hands-Favimcom-109886
  5. Live in the moment.
    What does this mean exactly? Sure, we hear stuff like this all the time, but how often are we really embracing this? Sometimes we need that reminder to put our cellphones down. It’s okay to skip a picture and skip an Instagram filer. We get so caught up with social media, with work, and the future. Set it all aside and cherish the moment that’s right in front of you. As every day passes, you won’t notice much change. But in a year from now, looking back, it’ll be all the difference.l_dab92760-82c1-11e1-81f5-fdfd88800001

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